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We carry Granite, Limestone and Sandstone Boulders in various sizes. We sell them by weight. You can buy them by the pound or by the ton. Sandstone is the the lightest by weight while granite is by far the heaviest and usually the most colorful. You can find pinks, reds and many other colors. They have crystals, mica, and other sparkley characteristics.

The Limestone boulders are either a blue grey color, a buff color, or a mixture. The Sandstone boulders are brown, tan, reddish, and some black. They have more rounded edges, are smoother with some dished areas for excellent water cascades. Some are gnarley and look like an old piece of petrified wood. They are great for water features and easy on liners. We have a lot of unique pieces you can't find anywhere else!

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Granite Boulders

Variety of Boulders

Indian River Sandstone

Producers of the Most Excellent Natural Building
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