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Landscape Stones

The Stone Source is the #1 distributor of T.E.Q.S. STONE, Inc. who produces the most excellent landscape stones from over 10 different quarries sites from Ohio. We import stone products from other states to offer a variety to our customers. We carry everything from wallstone to boulders to stone benches and tabletops. We carry more unique character pieces than you will find anywhere in the area.

Our Indian River Sandstone is popular with the top landscapers in the tri-state area for their waterfall projects. It is excellent because of its beautiful earth tones, its rounded edges that are easy on liners and scooped out stones that are great for water cascades. Enhance the natural beauty of your environment with our choice, select stones and make your landscape project rock!


We carry limestone and sandstone wallstone which is palletized by thickness 2"-3", 3"-4" etc. Our Golden Rainbow is the flattest, easiest to stack of the irregular, natural wallstone that we carry. For pictures of our Wallstones, click HERE.

Stepping Stones

Our Stepping Stones range from 2" to 4" in thickness and vary in diameter. They are great for pathways, or terraced areas. For pictures of our Stepping Stones, click HERE.

Stone Steps

We carry limestone or sandstone step treads. We have natural or cut steps. Most step treads average 4" to 8" thick. For pictures of our Stone Steps, click HERE.


We carry limestone and sandstone ledgerock and outcroppings to enhance your landscape and give it a natural look. Also great for waterfalls. From small to very large. For pictures of our Ledgrock and Outcroppings, click HERE.


We carry gravels, landscape chips, and Chattanooga Pebbles in various sizes to complete your landscape projects. For pictures of our Pebbles, click HERE.

Round Stones

Our Indian River Sandstone Round Stones come sized out in 1"-6" or 3"-6", 6"-12", 12"-18", 18"-24" We also carry Tennessee Sandstone River Rock (call for availability). For pictures of our Round Stones, click HERE.


We carry Granite, Limestone and Sandstone Boulders in various sizes. We sell them by weight. You can buy them by the pound or by the ton. For more information and pictures of our Boulders, click HERE.

Waterfall Mix

Indian River Sandstone is by far our most popular stone for water falls. We can mix a variety of sizes for a natural looking waterfall that is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood.


We have a variety of natural stone benches made from sandstone or limestone to choose from as well as cut stone benches. Natural stone benches are very affordable compared to wood or steel benches and will last a lifetime. For pictures of our Benches, click HERE.

Bubbler Fountains

Add a calming Stone Bubbler Fountain to your surroundings, inside or out. We carry a variety of Granite, Sandstone or Limestone Bubbler Fountains in many different sizes and shapes. We also carry the ponds, hidden ponds, pumps, and tubing needed for setup. Purchase in kits or individually. For pictures of our Bubbler Fountains, click HERE.

Engraved Stones and Stone Signs

We engrave stones for addresses, signs, grave markers, garden stones or anything else you want to have for a permanant and classy picture or statement engraved into stone. For pictures of our Engraved Stones and Stone Signs, click HERE.

Travertine Pavers

More details coming soon.

Producers of the Most Excellent Natural Building
& Landscape Stone From Ohio